I will give 15 minutes of distance Reiki

give 15 minutes of distance Reiki
give 15 minutes of distance Reiki
give 15 minutes of distance Reiki

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Description Quick Spiritual Healing Advanced Spiritual Healing Deluxe Healing
  15 Minutes of long distance Reiki 30 Minutes of long distance Reiki with an Angel Card Reading, includes detailed write up. 45 minutes of Long distance Reiki, a past life reading AND Angel card reading.
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About This Gig

I am offering a powerful, healing Reiki experience for your highest good! Reiki is performed long distance with the help of our archangels and the purest divine light and energy. 

This gig, can be directed at any one area you are working on, or need help with. It can also be used as a general clearing and healing, letting the divine energy work its way through your body to the parts that need it most. 

Examples are but not limited to:

- Stress reduction
- Weight loss 
- Healing childhood trauma
- Healing past life issues
- Overall health and  well being 
- Overcoming setbacks
- Prosperity and money issues 
- Intention setting 
- Decrease pain ( ex: fibromyalgia pains)
- Reiki can be sent to future events ( Ex: a test, medical appointment, business or meeting)
- Releasing addictions (drugs, overeating, etc.)
- Plus so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the card readings come with a write up? I forget things easily!
    Yes they do! It will also come with a little bit of "homework" to help you along your healing journey.
  • Can I order a gig for a friend?
    Yes absolutely! I will connect with the intended recipient and ask that they receive your beautiful gift of healing, their higher self will accept the gift if it serves them well or their highest good.
  • Can you suggest what crystals I need to work with?
    Yes! There is an option for this in the gig. If needed we can also mail them to you for an additional fee.
  • Can you do a full year Tarot Card Reading?
    Absolutely! Keep in mind that because it is a full year and our lives are currently changing this will be a guideline and may need to be updated if large life changes happen.