I will give deliverance from Generational Curses for you and family

give deliverance from Generational Curses for you and family

About This Gig

                                     THE OTHER SIDE OF DARKESS
                                          GENERATIONAL CURSE

A generational curse is basically a defilement that was passed down from one generation to another.

Generational curses are curses brought on by the sins of our forefathers and foremothers back to the 3rd the 4th even to the 10th generation and possibly beyond.

Are you plagued  with bad luck, addiction, poor health, anger, poverty,  fear, loneliness, depression, misery, and tired of nothing going right in your life?

Let me perform a CURSE CLEANSING SESSION at night for you and your entire family to BREAK OFF all NEGATIVE INFLUENCES, SPELLS, EVIL EYES and CURSES and allow pure positive energy to live the life of your choice.

Get your life back, be happy once again, now and forever!!!

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I will check if/ any generational curse is cast on you and your family or not