I will book you the best hotel deals

book you the best hotel deals

About This Gig

I spent hundreds of hours researching and scouring the web to find the best and cheapest hotel rates..so you don't have to! 

Whether you're looking for hotel reservations on a tight budget or seeking a truly unforgettable escape, I can find the hotel..AND the cheapest rates you could find anywhere. 

Hotel brands include: Hyatt, Hilton, Wyndham, Choice, Starwood, Marriot, IHG, and many more. 
Discounted rates are available in any location/country. 

See my gig extras for more options..with 1 $5 gig you'll get a rate quote for 2 hotel brands in the area of your choice/travel dates within 24hrs. Please include any special requests and/or reason for stay etc so that I can find you exactly what you're looking for. 

$5 extra gig gives you rate quotes from 5 different hotel brands. 
$5 extra gig for rate quotes delivered within 6hrs. 
$5 extra gig and I'll also include an Ebook download link with all my secret discount/tip info for 1 hotel brand of your choice so you'll be able to utilize it anytime you like. 

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