I will make You An Awesome Video Sales Letter

This guy was patient with all my request, made many changes and the work was excellent. Will definitely use again. MY GO TO GUY NOW!
Reviewed by iearncash 11 months ago
make You An Awesome Video Sales Letter
make You An Awesome Video Sales Letter

About This Gig

Presentations need to be engaging. You usually get only one opportunity to get your audiences attention and you need to be using video to maintain that engagement.
 I will make you a terrific video sales letter to engage your clients and customers. 
For $5 I will create up to 100 word VSL. You provide the script in a word doc or txt. and I'll provide you with a professionally done VSL in HD, formatted as an MP4. Just add another basic gig for each additional 100 words. (rounding up)
Gig Extra: Add and synchronize your voice to the VSL. $5 per 100 words.(Rounding up)
Gig Extra: I read and record your script $10 per 500 words (rounding up) same voice used in this video presentation.
Gig Extra: Background music added to your VSL. $5
Custom orders can be made for adding backgrounds, video clips, graphics & characters.
 I can even create an Identical VSL in many other languages other than english and you would be able to target other individuals in their native language like Spanish, French, German, Italian... Do you know how powerful that is???
Contact me today and lets get started! 100% satisfaction is my goal!

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