I will clear your overloaded inbox

clear your overloaded inbox
clear your overloaded inbox

About This Gig

Dear Prospective Client:


Your email may easily be the most popular communication points in your business.  However, sometimes your inbox can overwhelm you. No worries! Let me help you to reduce the number of unwanted emails in your email so that you can have peace of mind.

I will in 1-hour address 100 emails in your inbox by:

  • Unsubscribing from unwanted promotional lists
  • Delete spam
  • Tag and archive emails

I guarantee the strictest confidentiality because I value not just my own security but yours as well.

1-hour not enough to tackle your inbox ? Check out my Gig extras if you require the below:

  • 3 hours  to clear the next 200 emails


With my 15+ years of ongoing experience in the corporate world as a Team Lead/Administrative Assistant who values customer service, you can count on me to do the following:

  • Flag important messages needing a reply
  • Forward messages and inquiries to other team members (conditional)
  • Draft email response (conditional)
  • Reply to common queries (conditional)

Looking forward to making the "dream work".


Order Details

Email Management

Is your email overloaded with junk emails? I'll clear the first 100 emails

  • 1 Hour of Work
  • Organize, Classify or Tag Your Files
1 day delivery