I will transfer,migrate or move your wordpress website

transfer,migrate or move your wordpress website

About This Gig

Why Should You Hire Me?

I am a freelancer with over 4 years of WordPress website hosting experience. I make a living hosting WordPress websites, content and WordPress website and content management.

What Will I Provide?

I will migrate or transfer or move your website in the following situations:

  • current web host to any web host
  • current domain name to another domain name
  • current subdomain to a domain name
  • current domain name to a subdomain

The migration includes the MySQL database, images, comments, pages and blog posts.

What Will You Provide?

Please have the following log in information ready.

1. current web host hosting control panel  log in (i.e. cpanel)
2. target web host hosting control panel information
3. WordPress admin log in information

Very Important ! ! !

Please have the backup of the current WordPress installation ready. Backup means all the WordPress files and the MySQL database. Please send this backup to a DropBox link or whatever cloud storage you may have.

If you need me to backup the current installation, please order another gig as extra.

If you need me to install WordPress in the new or target domain name, please order another gig as extra. 

Thank you.