I will cast a spell for you to attract love or sex

cast a spell for you to attract love or sex

About This Gig

The use of magick to attract love and sex is most likely the oldest fascination in human history. There are countless different varieties of love spell, and depending on culture and the intent behind the magick, they come with varying degrees of Karmic consequences.

My particular brand of love spell is highly effective and completely safe, with absolutely 0% chance of incurring negative Karma. 

My love spell is also highly customizable. By default, it will slowly work to line up coincidences in which you will meet your ideal lover. Depending on the extras you order, you can speed up the rate at which it takes effect, target a specific person you already know, who perhaps has not shown interest in you, or even focus only on attracting sex, rather than any commitment to "love." 

May you find fulfillment in every way you desire.