I will cast a REVENGE spell for you

cast a REVENGE spell for you

About This Gig

Revenge is a concept that has been largely discouraged in modern Pagan circles, by dogmatic mantras such as the Wiccan Threefold Law. And while it may invite some negative energies if you go around hexing anyone who looks at you the wrong way, it's quite a different thing to desire revenge on those who have wronged you and gotten away unpunished.

The Ancient Egyptians were perhaps the best example of a culture that properly understood the spirituality of revenge. A group of their gods, most famously including names such as Osiris, Sekhmet, Ma'at and Anubis, were solely concerned with the balance of Justice. Using my training as an Egyptian Shaman, I invoke the wrath of these deities to balance the scales and bring the wicked to justice. 


These magical energies are quite powerful, and I refuse to invoke them without just cause. While I want nothing more than to see punishment for those who have committed wrongs guilt-free, the Gods must agree that their target deserves divine punishment. I reserve the right to cancel your order, if the Gods refuse to help you.