I will cleanse your Karma and absolve your sins

cleanse your Karma and absolve your sins

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About This Gig

You are not a slave to your karma. Karma is just an exchange of energy between you and those you have wronged. The negative circumstances that supposedly result from "bad" karma, are just manifestations of your own deficient energy. Energy is taken from you to make up for the energy your actions have taken from others, and this makes itself known as negative events in your life, bad luck, disease, etc.

Using high-level energy work, I can cut the energetic ties of your karma, allowing a massive flow of Source energy to enter into your life and "pay off" your debts without damaging you. You may experience uncomfortable dreams at first, your feelings of guilt may intensify within the first 48 hours, but you will inevitably be cleansed of the burden of your sins without suffering.


This method is intended to help you let go of guilt over mistakes and things which you regret. It does NOT provide you with a license to intentionally hurt others without consequence. If your intent is to cause harm, my interference in the lines of your karma may actually accelerate the speed at which negative manifestations occur in your life.