I will communicate with your Spirit Guides for you

communicate with your Spirit Guides for you

About This Gig

Communication with an individual's Spirit Guides has always been an integral part of a shaman's duty to his or her culture. The shaman enters into a trance state and asks questions on behalf of an individual who has not yet learned to communicate with their Guides or Higher Self. Using a technique I've learned in my studies with multiple shamanic cultures, I can do the same thing for you. 

Through me, your Guides will provide you with answers to literally any question you can think of. In any area in which you have confusion or uncertainty, you can receive clarity from your highest divine providers of wisdom. 

Career, relationships, life's purpose - all of these are common questions easily answered by this technique, but it will apply to ANYTHING you can ask. By default I will answer any ONE question, but you can add extras to go up to three if you so desire. 

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Often, Spirit Guides have trouble communicating through written word. Grammar can be jumbled, their wording can be blunt or even offensive, and often requires deep thought to understand. Their messages are meant to be extremely personal to the individual. You must be open when reading.

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