I will cure you of any TRAUMA with energy healing

cure you of any TRAUMA with energy healing

About This Gig

Would you identify as someone who has suffered traumatic experiences in the past? Perhaps you've been diagnosed with PTSD or similar disorders. Perhaps you've never thought of yourself as traumatized, but do you find yourself perhaps tied to your past? Acting in ways that don't quite feel "right," but you can't tell exactly what motivates those actions? Do you feel isolated, depressed, or anxious? Do you suffer from phobias? Chronic fatigue or pain, loss of vitality? Mood swings or loss of memory? All of these are textbook symptoms of trauma. 

Trauma is caused not by the event itself, but from energy being trapped in the circuitry of the nervous system. This causes a sort of energetic feedback loop. Using advanced energetic techniques, I can siphon off this trapped energy, creating a metaphorical exhaust port that will allow you to release the energy of the trauma. 

Regarding the gig extras: The calling on the Highest Divine serves to create a powerful blessing, which will bring good things into your life directly proportionate to the bad you've experienced. This has the potential to profoundly change and re-shape your life for the better.