I will heal any illness with spring forest qigong

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heal any illness with spring forest qigong

About This Gig

Spring Forest Qigong is one of the most clinically-proven forms of energy healing. The esteemed Mayo Clinic works with the system's creator, Chunyi Lin, referring patients to him when Western medicine fails to treat their illnesses. This represents one of the only times that the medical industry has acknowledged the merits of energy healing. 

Spring Forest Qigong healing takes the approach that all diseases originate as energy. Everything is energy, according to Einstein, and all energy can be transformed. Everything from headaches, digestive problems, neurological disorders, inflammation, even stones and cancerous tumors are just energy, and you can heal from anything. 


Depending on the manifestation of your illness, some blockages may be too deep for me to heal at a distance. If I sense that this may be the case, I will refer you to Chunyi Lin himself, as he is much more skilled in distance healing for advanced-stage illnesses than I am. I will ask you, in this case, for a mutual cancellation agreement, as I do not believe it is ethical for me to attempt the healing myself if the odds of success are poor.