I will perform a blessing to give you AMAZING luck for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
perform a blessing to give you AMAZING luck
perform a blessing to give you AMAZING luck

About This Gig

This newest addition to my Gigs is entirely dedicated to improving your luck. I have other gigs that also serve this purpose as a secondary function - namely karma cleansing and curse removal - but this is the most powerful and direct way to improve your fortune overall. 

The entire concept of "luck" is something of a misnomer - it's all energy, which means it's within your power to control and change. 

This blessing will have numerous benefits, including but not limited to financial gain, safety and protection, fulfillment of wishes, and improved health, but while these are the largest and most common ones, the subtle ways your life can improve are endless and highly specific to each individual person.  

The affects are normally gentle, gradually unfolding over the course of a few weeks, so don't be concerned if a difference is not immediately apparent. That being said, some people also experience full shifts practically overnight.