I will protect you against psychic attacks

protect you against psychic attacks

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About This Gig

Psychic attacks are something that have admittedly been massively over-emphasized in the New Age community, but are still a genuine concern to an extent. 

Psychic attacks are basically miniature curses, carried out against us by other people. When people become angry with us, and fixate on that anger, it has an adverse effect on our energy.

Do you feel drained on a regular basis? Do you feel as if you're being watched or stalked? Do you have frequent nightmares? Fear, anxiety, depression or physical illness with no apparent cause? Intrusive thoughts? Random outbursts of anger? Obsession with someone you've wronged? Dizziness? Perhaps the biggest red flag: Have you ever angered a sociopath?

Most people can carry out a psychic attack through anger alone, without realizing what they're doing, merely by fixating. These are extremely unpleasant for the target, but not especially dangerous. However, people who know legitimate methods to control their energy, and put these methods to work in concert with their anger, can do some very real damage.

Using secret Mao Shan techniques, I will sever your attacker's connection to you, shielding you and preventing them from continuing their attack.