I will remove bad people from your life with magick

remove bad people from your life with magick

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About This Gig

We can't always choose the people in our lives. Some are born into abusive families. Others are stuck at a job with cruel or sociopathic people, and can't afford to quit. 

There's a rather toxic belief among New Age practitioners that we should "send love and light" to our enemies. The hope is that we can somehow overpower their personality and turn them "nice," or that by practicing forgiveness, we attract forgiveness in kind. 

Well, chances are, if you're reading this, you've come to the conclusion that this method rarely, if ever, works. A superior solution is the classic "banishing" ritual, a type of magick that will work to create a situation where the troublesome person leaves your life forever. 

A note on my Gig Extras: 

You may notice that I charge more for dealing with sociopaths or other truly evil individuals. This is because their inherent darkness offers them some power to withstand a standard banishing ritual, and require a stronger, longer ritual to affect.