I will use Egyptian magick to heal repressed memories

use Egyptian magick to heal repressed memories

About This Gig

Repressed memories have typically been thought of as rare; a byproduct of deeply-traumatic abuse in early childhood, for instance. In recent decades, however, occult circles have been exploring the idea that repressed memories are so common, almost everyone harbors them to some degree. 

These can be caused by any number of seemingly trivial events between the ages of 2 and 14; witnessing your parents arguing, failing to meet expectations in school, feeling confusion toward your religious beliefs, seeing authority figures display inconsistencies or weakness, and countless other possible things.

These holes in our minds, according to this same philosophy, affect our personalities and the way we relate to others.

Egyptian mysticism teaches a technique that allows us to follow the Gods on a journey through Duat, the personal Underworld of our subconscious minds. On this journey, repressed memories can be healed, and our personalities restored to wholeness.

With the help of the Gods, I will lead you on such a journey using recorded audio. Simply lay down in bed and play the file, and as you drift off to sleep, your deepest self will be completely healed.