I will help you choose a Career with my Divination

help you choose a Career with my Divination

About This Gig

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions of your life. So much energy and money goes into career training, make sure its the right one.  I work in the medical field.  Too many of my peers are not happy with their career decision but so much time and money was invested into their training most stick with it but they are quite unhappy.

You might be contemplating several options.  

I use divination to tell you which career would be the one you would excel at and the right one for you.  Send me a maximum of four (at least 2 so I can help you choose) career choices and I will help narrow them down for you.  I can tap into your strengths and weaknesses to facilitate the process.

I will need your date of birth (or the date of the birth of the person who is in need of career selection help) because I integrate some astrology as well.

I can only do career selection help for one person per order.