I will herbs to Use Against Evil

herbs to Use Against Evil
herbs to Use Against Evil
herbs to Use Against Evil

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The older you get the more evil you will witness. There is plenty of it to go around. What if I told you that that you do not have to be the victim anymore.  I am well versed in the occult and am a practicing spell-caster and Tarot professional.  

There are plenty of herbs that you can use to send evil back from whence it came. Evil comes in many forms and it can manifest in people. We mix with other people's auras (energy connected to them that emanates from them) all the time. Anytime we are out in public and within a couple feet from someone their energy intermingles with yours. Some of us are so sensitive we actually feel it and anything evil makes us sensitives feel very burdened and unwell. 

I send you this valuable information as a Word document.  You must have Word installed on your computer to be able to view it.

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Herbs to use Against Evil

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