I will tune your audio track

tune your audio track

About This Gig

Using Melodyne software, I will tune your vocals or instrument track so the notes are spot on and clean sounding! Harmony parts can also be tuned!

What you get for $5:
  • Basic tuning for up to 3 files
  • Basic audio cleanup (noise removal, EQ, etc)

Additional Add ons (please contact for custom gig):
  • Robot (Autotune) Effect - additional $5
  • Timing synchronization between files - additional $10

Additional Add on prices are negotiable, so do not hesitate to contact me directly if you'd like to discuss options.

Order Details

3 days delivery 3 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is tuning?
    Tuning is the process of digitally correcting or improving the pitch control of a recorded vocal or instrument. Some may refer to this as autotune, but I prefer not to as it may be confused with the Autotune effect, which does not have to be present in order for a track to be tuned.
  • What will it sound like? Will it be noticeably autotuned?
    I offer natural sounding vocal tuning, which will simply correct minor pitch flaws without sounding unnatural, autotuned, or “over-tuned” to the listener. As a result, the finished product should sound like the original recording, but with better pitch control and a more focused sound.
  • What are artificial harmonies?
    Artificial harmonies are the melody notes with the pitch changed to form a harmony. When blended with the original track, it will sound harmonized. I can also adjust the harmony to give the illusion of an opposite gender backup vocalist.
  • Can you also do the autotune effect?
    Yes! As this process requires more work though, please contact me for a custom gig and we can discuss pricing.
  • What is timing or timing synchronization?
    If you have multiple files (example: harmonies or doubled vocals), the files can be precisely lined up digitally so the consonants line up and the note lengths match each other on each track. This makes your layers sound cleaner and more accurate.
  • Will basic audio cleanup make my vocals sound professional?
    It depends on your microphone and recording space, honestly. I can cleanup a bit of background fuzz or EQ your vocals for a clearer sound, but if you record with a headset in an echoey room, it probably won't sound like it was recorded in a studio.