I will drive Google Adwords real traffic with conversions

drive Google Adwords real traffic with conversions
drive Google Adwords real traffic with conversions
drive Google Adwords real traffic with conversions
drive Google Adwords real traffic with conversions

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Description advertising with 10+ keywords advertising with 100+ keywords lead optimizations & increase sales
  setup advertising & ppc strategy plan BONUS (view description, 1 branch) setup advertising with conversions & analytics, BONUS "how to improve site" report (view 2 branch) reduce advertising cost, increase sales and leads with 10 days management (view 1,2,3 branches)
Delivery Time 4 days 7 days 10 days
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About This Gig

My method is oriented towards the optimization of advertising in order to have the lowest CPC (cost per click) and highest number of conversions. I am highly professional and value the opinions of my employers.

My gig consist from 3 web branches: 

- 1 web branch - 10+ keywords

  • setting goals
  • account structure creation (strategies, bids, targeting, ad schedule)
  • advertising setup
  • negative keywords (100 words) 
  • successful ads (5 with copies)
  • add ad extension
  • report

- 2 web branch - 100+ keywords

  • conversions & remarketing base setup
  • competitors analytics 
  • website analytics
  • advertising setup
  • ad scheduling
  • USP formulation
  • negative keywords (300-500 words)
  • successful ads (10-15 with copies)
  • ad extensions (callout, sitelinks, call extensions)
  • search term analytics
  • "how to improve site" and work report

- 3 web branch - lead generation 10 days 

  • conversion rate optimization
  • bid analytics
  • cost per click optimization 
  • web analytics (macro, micro goals, UMT tags, dashboards, ad optimizations, unique visitor, etc)
  • improve advertising, reduce cost, more sales 
  • ROI calculation
  • KPI increase
  • daily report 

are just some of practice that I'm using in my process...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I give someone else access to my advertising account?
    If you have an existing Google AdWords Account, you need to send me your account ID number (10 digits. You'll find it in the upper right corner of your AdWords panel). I then send you a request for access, you accept it, and voila. We both can manage AdWords campaigns :)
  • How do I give access to my Google Analytics account?
    Go to Admin - choose a property you want to edit - click "User Management" - "Add permissions for" - paste email address (remember to click "Notify this user by email" and mark all the permissions on the right). Done.
  • How do I add a billing information to my account?
    After you've created an AdWords account, here's how to enter your billing information: 1. In Adwords account you need to click the gear icon (upper right corner) then click Billing. 2. Choose the country and enter your billing information. Click submit and activate.