I will cast a TAROT Wish Spell

cast a TAROT Wish Spell
cast a TAROT Wish Spell
cast a TAROT Wish Spell
cast a TAROT Wish Spell

About This Gig

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I will cast a Tarot Wish Spell using the 22 Major Arcana Cards.

NOTE: My Spells have the ability to absorb the desires of those who make a wish and manifest them into reality. However, this power is not without limitations. These Spells are merely a guiding force - it can only manifest the desires of those with the strength to carry them out.

Please contact me before placing you order for more details about the spells found above.
Some spells have very specific requirements.

  1. Action
  2. Addiction
  3. Animals
  4. Artistic and Creative Concerns
  5. Beauty, Health and Fitness
  6. Business
  7. Change
  8. Children
  9. Competition
  10. Courage
  11. Decisions
  12. Divorce
  13. Dreams
  14. Emotions
  15. Enemies
  16. Families
  17. Farms and Gardens
  18. Friends
  19. Health and Healing
  20. Houses and Homes
  21. Jobs and Job Hunting
  22. Knowledge
  23. Legal Undertakings
  24. Love and Romance
  25. Luck
  26. Money
  27. Motivation
  28. Obstacles
  29. Protection
  30. Psychism
  31. Quarrels
  32. Self-Improvement
  33. Stress
  34. Theft

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I will cast a Tarot Spell and help you improve any of the areas described in the Description section

1 day delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Can Tarot Spells Do For You?
    Life is full of uncertainty. We are pushed and pulled by many contending forces; all too often, many of us feel that we are victims. Performing spells that use strong, positive visualizations and affirmations can help us enhance the quality of our lives and stay focused on our goals.
  • How Do Tarot Wish Spells Work?
    The cards are arranged to make a meaningful statement and the shapes of the layouts tend to be significant. The spells are designed to help you achieve your goals or influence on someone.