I will give you an unbelievable session with the Tarot

give you an unbelievable session with the Tarot
give you an unbelievable session with the Tarot

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Description 3 card spread Celtic Cross Spread Full Spread Reading (Over Skype)
  Three card spread on the topic of your choice! Full Celtic Cross Spread (including clarification cards) on topic of your choice. Full spread (min 30 minutes)
Delivery Time 1 day 1 day 1 day
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About This Gig


Example Questions:



-When I get a job?

-When will my contract offer be accepted?

-What will I advance in my career?

-Is there anyone trying to stop me from getting ahead?

-Will my business be successful?

-Will people pay their debts to me?

-Should I go into business with —?

-Can I trust my business partner?

-What does the future hold for my business?



-Will I pass an exam?

-Should I enter into --- career field?

-Will I receive certification in —-?


-Am I ready for marriage?

-Is this person the right person for me?

-Is my lover loyal/faithful ?

-Will I find love soon?

-What type of person will my future partner be?



-Will I win my court case?

-Will I receive a visa for —-?

-What will happen with ——?



-Will I get pregnant?

-What does the future hold for my health?

-Will my surgery go well?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your counseling override any health care, professional, legal, or other kind of advice?
    No. I will advise you according to the cards, and the accuracy of my readings will work with any professional advise you may receive.
  • Can you predict timing?
  • What are my options for receiving a reading from you?
    Email, Skype, or In-Person (Bangkok).
  • What are your specialties?
    Yes I can answer the basic aspects of love, romance, and money. However, I specialize in social issues, sexuality, business partnerships, contracts, legal, and those who hope to start a business.
  • Describe yourself as a Tarot reader.
    I am a Modern Tarot Master. My readings are based on the practical, day-to day experiences that we have here on earth now. I dont wear costumes, play with crystal balls, burn smelly incense, etc. Nor do I respect readers who do that. Tarot is NOT a game - the information the cards give is real.
  • I'm an Atheist. I don't believe in what you do. Should I still get a reading?
    Though the Tarot may have some religious roots in the various cultures it dates back to, I am not a spiritual Tarot reader. I do not believe my abilities come from a spirit, ghost, or otherwise. I believe my abilities are based in science or ESP.
  • I would like to speak to a dead relative. Can you contact them for me?
    Absolutely not. I only deal with the living.