I will give a 2nd opinion on a Tarot reading you were unhappy with

give a 2nd opinion on a Tarot reading you were unhappy with

About This Gig

As an experienced Intuitive Tarot Reader, I find it frustrating that some clients pay good money to have their questions answered and are unsatisfied with the results.  The reader you have contacted before may be a novice, or your expectations of what Tarot does has not helped you to connect to the reading, or more simply you have had a sub-standard reading.

All I need is the original information that you gave to the reader, including name, zodiac sign/date of birth etc, and the original photo or list of the cards drawn for you at that reading.  If you could also include  the information that the reader gave you from your reading I can re-examine it and see if the reading was correct, or whether a fresh pair of eyes would help.

I am versed in many different Tarot layouts and decks, apart from angel and oracle cards which are interpreted personally by the reader.  I read intuitively and hope to help.  I do not mention other readers names or methods of practice or criticise their methods, this is a second opinion only service.

You may find I interpret the cards in a completely different way which may help you to understand the message originally intended.

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