I will read a 4 card Tarot spread for you

read a 4 card Tarot spread for you

About This Gig

Hi, I'm Richard, a self-taught male Tarot Reader.  I have read Tarot cards for 14 years both professionally and privately.  I use the Rider-Waite deck in all of my readings as I find the pictures help me to connect more easily.

I will conduct a 4 card Tarot reading by email for you, and you can ask up to 3 questions, although please be aware that the cards may only focus on one issue which is usually the most important one.

All I need from you is your name, Star Sign/birthdate and the questions you wish to ask along with your preferred email address to send the results to.  I will also include in the email a full colour photo of the cards drawn for you.

I aim to conduct your reading within 24 hours of you ordering.

Please be aware that a Tarot reading should be considered as entertainment only and should not replace good medical, financial, legal or relationship advice from a professional in these areas.

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1 day delivery