I will denoise and edit your audio files

denoise and edit your audio files

About This Gig

I will process one or multiple files up to 1 minutes long in total 

What I will do:
  • Remove breaths, long silence or parts you don't want
  • Remove hiss/noise/clicks
  • Remove humming noise caused by a refridgerator/air-condition/something-you-don't-know
  • Correct loud/distorted/dull audio
  • Convert your files to the correct/same sample rate/format

If you have any or kind of these problems, I can provide the solution. I am a freelance audio engineer. I have worked professionally in every stage of audio production in the last five years: from voice over and live music recording to location recording and post production (which is also my strongest point). That's the reason I know where problems usually arise in an audio file's creation and how to fix them. That's why whatever can be fixed in the post, I can do it. Directors, freelance film makers and even youtubers have come to me numerous times freaked out by something wrong in their audio. Most times things are not that bad. Let's talk about your case!

Please contact me beforehand, as some things just can't be fixed!