I will mix and master your track professionally

mix and master your track professionally
mix and master your track professionally
Reviewed by cheemgadar about 2 months ago
Reviewed by cheemgadar 5 months ago
An awesome producer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this gig will make a hit song. Bryan James ETM Records
Reviewed by workway2much about 1 year ago
Keyz was AMAZING to work with! Excellent communication, patient, helpful, very accommodating with revisions and didn't waiver until he was sure I was happy with the end result, which I'm thrilled with! A really awesome guy and super skilled! I don't hesitate a second to recommend him!
Reviewed by aliland1999 over 1 year ago
My go-to guy for audio editing! Awesome job *again*
Reviewed by sdchown over 1 year ago
Top job! Excellent. Worked on it really quickly for me and really please with results. Thanks!
Reviewed by sdchown over 1 year ago
I was able to make a deadline because of this man's quick work in the studio. He's numero uno on fiverr.
Reviewed by columbosrise89 over 1 year ago
Absolutely perfect! He is so understanding and patient and will go out of his way to deliver the very best work.
Reviewed by magn123 over 1 year ago
mix and master your track professionally
mix and master your track professionally

About This Gig

For only 5$ I will do a Professional Mastering Stereo Mastering!
(Submit your mix as a single stereo file)

Please note:
For 5 $ you only get a stereo mastering (1 file), my mixing (more than 1 file) is an extra gig!

Mixing is up to 20 or 40 tracks for each song (if you have more tracks/stems, please contact me) and can be found in the extra Gigs.
IMPORTANT! The Extra with multiple track mixing is ONLY available with the analog option!
You're welcome to submit a reference track to get you the sound you're looking for.

Single tracks for mixing? Please allow at least -5 dB headroom (no compression, no EQ, no limiter applied) as Wave or high quality audio.

Any questions? Please contact me before ordering.

The Mastering process for every track is unique and will make it sounding the best it can to make your track shine! 

I'm a professional audio engineer, producer, songwriter & remixer with over 15 years of experience in the industry in different genres with national & international releases. 
Looking forward to finalize your music! 

To avoid any confusion: The "normal" Gig is processed "in the box". Also please note: This Gig is for 1 song only! Thanks!