I will clean your dirty data

clean your dirty data

About This Gig

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I have a strong background in mathematics. I had worked with data mining. So, I have enough experience how to deal with dirty data. I am able to work to any type of data (CSV, XLS, XML, excel, database).

I able to work with various tool like R, SAS or Excel.

Mainly what I can do

  • fill/remove in missing values
  • remove duplicate
  • sort, group, organize data
  • smooth noisy data
  • identify or remove outliers
  • resolve inconsistencies
  • calculate new variables
  • integration of different source of data
  • join/extract data
  • data reduction
  • data transformation, normalization
and much more related to data...

Accuracy and privacy of data are guaranteed.

For small and simple work, just order the gig and if you have more complicated work to do, please contact before. Discounts for custom work.

Simpe gig = 300 records/10variables

Do not hesitate to contact me for any question.
Thank you