I will write an impressive product description

write an impressive product description

About This Gig

A strong product description will lead to increased sales

Your website needs to have powerful product descriptions that will entice customers to buy your products, but it can't just be simple text. It also needs to the optimized for search engines. 

I will be able to write a product description that will boost your page rank and increase your sales!

With years of marketing experience under my belt, I can tell you that your product descriptions need to have 3 things.

  1. SEO for Search Engines
  2. Information for the customers
  3. Marketing for your business

The product description that works best for most products will be around 100 words. Customers hate boring "fluff", so the description should get right to the point. For more advanced products, this may have to increase to 200 or even 300 words, so please inquire before you place an order.

  • 100 words for $10. All content will be optimized for search engines.
  • Content is individualized. I will not be using pre-formatted text and inserting keywords.

For $10 I will write 100 words that will include market research and keyword optimization for your product.

Order Details

Product listing

This will get you one powerful product listing designed to sell your product fast

  • 100 Words Included (Per product)
  • 1 Title Included (Per Product)
  • 1 Product Listing
  • Up to 1 Focus Keyword
  • 3 Bulletpoint Included (Per Product)
2 days delivery 1 Revision