I will do 700 High Quality Social Signals to supercharge Google rankings


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  ⇨ Perfect for small link building campaign ⇨ 300+ FB ⇨ 300+ retweets ⇨ 49+ repins ⇨ Perfect for moderate link building campaign ⇨ 1200+ FB, ⇨ 1200+ retweets ⇨ 199+ repins ⇨ 3500+ FB signals ⇨ 3500+ Twitter retweets ⇨ 1111+ Pinterest repins ⇨ Bonus: FREE GIG EXTRA
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About This Gig

Last Updated: 15th January 2017 

Social signals are a vital part of all SEO strategies. They justify backlinks during a link building campaign. The bigger the campaign the more that need to be created.

In this Fiverr SEO service, I will combine quality, high PR social signals into a single package! My SEO service provides a mix of backlinks from the most trusted social media websites, See my packages above for more information.

★★★ 1,000+ Gigs Complete! 400+ Positive Reviews ★★

My Fiverr SEO services packages start with 700+ high quality social signals.

You will receive...

✓ Facebook signals
✓ Twitter tweet (aged acct) + retweetx
✓ Pinterest pin (aged acct) + repins

What you should use the gig for...

★ Improve trust & authority of websites & videos ★

★ Juice up backlink building campaigns

★ Power up PBN posts

★ Boost Web 2.0's ★

★ Power up Youtube rankings

My drip feed campaigns run over 3-4 days (larger packages 5-7 days) which will make the signals look natural. It will look like a viral campaign


All I need is one webpage URL, one main keyword and optional custom tweet text to use.

 Exclusive to Fiverr! See packages above for full details 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I split my order over 2 (or more) website URL's?
    The minimum number of social signals I can create per URL is 600. So for a basic gig ($10) I can only accept one URL for the order. Please purchase multiple gigs for more than one URL.
  • Do you accept my niche?
    I accept all legal niches. The only reason why I would need to refund an order is if Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest block your website URL.
  • Are social signals still safe and effective in 2016?
    Yes! However, remember: social signals JUSTIFY backlinks. Google expects to see social signals when many backlinks are being created to your website URL. From my experience, there have been NO negative effects from my gigs on rankings.
  • What are social signals?
    Social signals are, basically, any interaction on a social media website, eg. retweet, favourite, repin, share, like, etc. The most important social signals for Facebook are shares, likes & comments. For Twitter, retweets and Pinterest repins.
  • Do social signals work for Youtube videos?
    Yes! Youtube loves social shares. Use this gig alongside other backlink building and you should see very good results (assuming your onpage is solid, of course).
  • What type of Facebook signals do you use and are they effective?
    Facebook signals are not useful on there own anymore. I now offer only Facebook comments for signals which uses the raw URL for safety. Facebook signals should only be used when combined with other social media signals for diversity.
  • How do you use Pinterest signals?
    I will use my aged Pinterest account and create a new board based upon your main keyword. I will "pin" your chosen website URL to said board. I will then send "repins" to the pin. In addition, I will repin some related pins from other boards to your board and ping then ping the board RSS feed.
  • How do you use Twitter signals?
    I create a tweet on my aged Twitter account based upon your instructions. I will then send retweets to the tweet. As a bonus, I will send the tweet URL to my premium indexer and ping in order to give it some juice. You can purchase extra's to really pump some juice through the tweet.
  • Why do you not include Google+ signals?
    I have now stopped offering them for a very good reason. Seriously don't buy Google+ signals anymore...it's a very bad idea.
  • Can I "mix and match" which specific signals I want for my order?
    Yes! If you don't want FB signals you can request them be replaced with retweets or repins, for example. Just let me know after placing your order.