I will give MK Ultra mind control mp3 course

give MK Ultra mind control mp3 course
give MK Ultra mind control mp3 course
give MK Ultra mind control mp3 course

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Description Dark Hypnosis and NLP intro course Dark Hypnosis and NLP half course Dark Hypnosis and NLP full course
  1 hour audio with introduction and techniques 4 mp3 audios half the course will be provided only over 7 hours, 9 mp3 audios. listen and learn powerful methods!
Delivery time 1 day 1 day 1 day
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About This Gig

NOTE: This gig is no joke. This is Manipulation.

If caught using for Dark Purposes on people, theres a chance those people could hunt you down and KILL you! You have been warned

Secretly Hypnotize and Influence Any Person or Any Social Group, UNANNOUNCED!
You will learn what Hypnotists, Governments and Media use to control and influence people. 

These techniques are so covert, they are completely under the radar!
Learn to covertly Hypnotize and Persuade:

- A stranger or a group of strangers on the street
- Your Boss!!  (get yourself a pay rise or a promotion)
- Friends and Family members. 
- Hidden Seduction (the October man)
- Embed hidden commands in emails and letters 
- Hypnotize cops, and get off speeding tickets, fines etc
- Covertly Hypnotize or Persuade sales people to give you a 50% discount

- Become Master of your life.
- Become Super confident and Optimistic like a true Alpha.
- Protect yourself and your loved ones when you know its being used on you

These techniques are advanced and so far ahead of the modern world and must only be used as a force for good and I hold no responsibility for any negative outcomes or idiotic decisions made by you, the Buyer.