I will craft a very touching slideshow video

craft a very touching slideshow video
craft a very touching slideshow video
craft a very touching slideshow video
craft a very touching slideshow video

About This Gig

We believe that a slideshow video is more than just pictures sliding around! It's gotta be a masterpiece that generates emotional impact, and of course, looks great! 

What's included in this gig?
  1. An standard 720HD carefully-crafted masterpiece with your photos
  2. Format in .mp4
  3. Comes with backing track of our choice

What we need from you to start working:
  1. 24 Photos in landscape, high quality ones for best results! 
  2. [Optional] A backing track in .mp3 format
  3. [Optional] Captions, location and date for up to all 24 photos
  4. 4 meaningful quotes. We can choose for you if you wanna be hassle-free
  5. Ensure you name your photos accordingly if you have a preferred sequence

For Example:

Captions, Location and Date:
  1. If you wish to include captions, locations and dates, please include in the order section. 
  2. Captions must be less than 5 words
  3. Location format - City, Country
  4. Date format - DD MM YY
  5. You don't necessarily need to include captions, etc for each photo, it could be just a few of your favorites, just let us know which ones :)

Please provide your files in storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us before ordering, we will reply ASAP.

Order Details

3 days delivery

Touching Video Slideshow

720HD video slideshow with music backing, and all beautiful animated effects as shown in the sample.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide the file in other formats?
    Yes, we do. Contact us prior ordering, there may or may not be extra charges.
  • Do I have to provide captions for each and every photo?
    You can, but not necessarily. We will just leave the photos without captions blank. Make sure to tell us exactly where the captions, dates and locations go to which photo :)
  • Can you add special effects to the video not seen in the sample?
    No, that'd would require a lot of effort which is beyond the scope of this gig.
  • I need a professional slideshow video for my business, can you do it?
    Yes, check out our other gigs.