I will send you 100K REVENUE generating real human usa traffic

send you 100K REVENUE generating real human usa traffic

About This Gig

We are offering 100,000 "REAL HUMAN" Traffic for $10. Cheapest service ever. 

Please check the FAQs section before you order. 

Most Common Question.

Why is the traffic so low cost?

We are a team of Internet Marketer who believe in the economy of scale. It is proven that if we make less profit for each sale we will make huge profit collectively. 

Contact me before you order. 

Traffic will be served for 25-30 days. 

Read FAQs to get a clearer picture of what you will get. 


Order Details

10 days delivery

100,000 Money Making Traffic

I will send you 100,000 Traffic (real human). 80% North America

  • 100000 Visitors

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are these Real Human Traffic?
    We will provide 100,000+ Real Human traffic (no bots, or anything). The traffic will be registered on your Google Analytics.
  • 2. Is it Adsense Safe?
    Our traffic is 100% real human traffic. We redirect the traffic from PTC sites and expired domains. But as Google AdSense prohibits any kind of traffic buy we generally discourage our clients to use the traffic on an AdSense enabled page.
  • 3. Why did you mention it as Money Traffic?
    We use the traffic on pages with ads from various CPM networks. There are many CPM networks which pay $4 per 1000 Views. So there is a chance that you can make up to $400 for every $10 you pay me.
  • 4. For which kind of niche this traffic will work best?
    This traffic will work best for the Viral niche. If you have a new viral website and struggling to get it approved by content recommendation networks (Taboola, Outbrain, etc) then with the help of this traffic you will be able to get your site approved easily.
  • 5. Will I see any change in Alexa Ranking
    There is 100% probability that your Alexa ranking will improve as the traffic is from real human users with Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers.
  • 6. How can I track the traffic?
    We will provide you a tracking link from Goo.gl , you can track the traffic on your Wordpress Dashboard and you can even track it on Google Analytics.
  • 7. Do you accept all Niches?
    No, we do not accept, porn, gambling, politics, drugs and any niche which according to US law is illegal.
  • 8. Will you answer my queries which are not listed here?
    Definitely :)