I will speed up your computer

speed up your computer

About This Gig

As an experienced IT professional with 15 years of experience, I will give your computer a good spring clean and make it perform to it's full potential.

This service is provided via Remote Support at a time convenient to you, you can be located anywhere in the world and as long as your computer can connect to the internet and your primary language is English I will be able to help you.

The service consists of:
  • Clearing up temporary files
  • Removing any known malicious or junk software
  • Removing any viruses (not all viruses can be removed remotely, I will make my best effort but cannot guarantee success)
  • Optimizing your web browser
  • Checking for presence and correct operation of your antivirus/security software
  • Checking for any possible hardware failure (not all hardware problems are detectable remotely but as a bare minimum we can usually check for hard drive and RAM faults)

This service will usually take approximately half an hour to complete but sometimes it can be done quicker, or depending on the state of your computer it can also take longer.

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