I will write 20 genuine comments for your article or blog for $5

/ 4 Days On Average
write 20 genuine comments for your article or blog
write 20 genuine comments for your article or blog

About This Gig

Genuine Comments and No Spam!

I will write 20 genuine high quality c0mments for your blog, article or website. They would be genuine and based on my own reading and thorough research. It would stir the interest of other visitors/users to the site. 

Moreover, i will include custom keywords of your choice in my comments. If you want, i can also use 3-4 different accounts to make those c0mments. We can also use multiple social media accounts to make the comments. We are open to any other suggestions

In special cases, i can also offer 4-5 hours turn around time after the offer has been accepted. So you can rely on me for any urgent requests. I understand that time matters in certain cases. Therefore, we truly value our customers and hence understand their requirements. 

Lastly, if you want the c0mments to be spread over a week time, we would be glad to help with this too! 

Our objective is your satisfaction. 

Please discuss your requirement before placing any order as certain sites don't allow c0mmenting using social media accounts and hence not included in this Gig 
Limited Time Bonus Offer! 

I will also share the URL on 5 different websites of your choice to generate genuine traffic.