I will write a short kids fiction story for $5

write a short kids fiction story
write a short kids fiction story

About This Gig

I'll write a 500 word short fiction story for kids!  Great for bedtime or anytime!

   You'll get a one of a kind story- manually written by me,  and you OWN the full copyright. 

I'll build a story around a character and come up with something fun!

Have something in mind?  Tell me about it and I'll build a story around it!
   I will work with you for what you are wanting concept wise- just be sure to communicate, or I will have to start writing to fulfill your order!

You'll get an AMAZING story for bedtime or anytime!!

The story will not only capture attention, it will be fun and depending on what you want, I can incorporate a moral of the story as well


Have you heard of Fred?  Fred is an ant who lives with his aunt.  You might see him walking along the sidewalk during the day outside.  Well on this particular day he wasn't walking outside because it was raining.  His aunt, emma, had made some special stew........