I will help BREAK your relationship faster

help BREAK your relationship faster

About This Gig

You would agree with me that at some point in our life we always stumble on people we dont really wnna be friend with. How it all happened you might not be able to tell, but the fact is that you dont want to be with the person.

Today, consider yourself so lucky as i have come to help get ride of that person with my best advise. The best part of it is that i will do it in a way that the person will be the one to leave you. you will not appear rude. I have been helping friends get ride of their unwanted girlfriend,boyfriend,friend, etc. So i believe i can also help you get that person off your shoulder.

Please, note that i don't initiate divorce for married couple. You can always contact me to know more about this exclusive gig.

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Relationship break up jet

This $5 gig will effectively break your unwanted relationship/friendship very fast

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