I will mix your song and make it rock

mix your song and make it rock

About This Gig


I'm really into songwriting and music production. I've been writing and recording music for over fifteen years, and have been producing my own projects as well as other people's projects during that time. 

I primarily work with Logic Pro X, though I will jump to different apps if the project requires it.

I've gotten good at getting that Big Rock Sound, so if you've recorded a song and want it to have some balls, let me knock up a mix for you! I'm more than willing to work with more than just hard rock sounds though, so let me have a go at your song and I'll make it sound as shiny as possible.

It's $5 for a basic mix of five tracks/stems; but there are various extras that you can bolt on to this gig, like faster turnaround, fixing timings on drums, fixing tunings on vocals, or mastering the final mix.

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I will mix your song consisting of up to five tracks or stems. For more tracks, see extras.

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