I will design a stunningly unique Henna pattern for you

Was very patient and very friendly to work with. Will definitely be working with you again soon!!
Reviewed by ausmillennial 8 days ago
I LOVE your work, it is exactly what I wanted! Perfect!
Reviewed by camillathorn 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ramithasankar 6 months ago
The seller was very honest about the design and asked for clarification when needed, I appreciated that and her input on the design. It's looks great!
Reviewed by ccechanowicz 6 months ago
Great communication and results!
Reviewed by anupabthomas 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by shailasp 9 months ago
Thank you Tehmeena. I absolutely love the design you did for me. I will definitely be in touch in the future for more design work.
Reviewed by elainamullery 10 months ago
design a stunningly unique Henna pattern for you
design a stunningly unique Henna pattern for you
design a stunningly unique Henna pattern for you
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About This Gig

My Henna designs are all original and range from a beginners level to experienced, complicated level. They're always different every time; I attempt to use varying types of art from delicate, elegant designs to alluring, Gothic designs. I put my heart, soul and 100% effort into hand drawing these designs. :)

Commercial Use = $5 per drawing and all rights/licenses will belong to you and I cannot resell them. Once I have met the deadline (I get a countdown at my side) and delivered, I will not do any further revisions after the last second has past. Message me for details or see FAQs.

  • Hand-drawn decorative Henna Design in JPEG.
  • Or you can add an EXTRA($5) for a different type of file.

Free Services;
  1. Multiple revisions!
  2. Fast Delivery!
  3. Super Duper Extra Fast Delivery for $30 in only one day!
  4. Colour, if desired.

Thanks for visiting. :)

Order Details

5 days delivery 2 Revisions

Standard High Quality Package

Stunning, Eye catching and attractive designs in high quality resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are They Your Own Designs?
    Yes, they are my very own designs; I spend a lot of time - hours and hours - on them when I'm designing them for a buyer. So a lot of effort, creativity and passion flows into my artwork, hence, the extra gigs that I have added to compensate for the honest hard work that goes into my designs.
  • Will You Resell Any Designs You Have Already Sold To Me?
    I could, yes. But not if you have already bought the rights to them, which you can do by paying a small commercial payment of $5 for each separate design. I think that's quite reasonable, because a lot of time, patience and hard work goes into my designs.
  • Can I Contact/Message You Before I Place Any Order Because I'm Not Sure About Something?
    Yes, of course can. :) In fact I strongly recommend that you do.
  • Which File Formats Can You Provide?
    1. PDF 2. PSB 3. PNG 4. JPEG/JPG If there's one I haven't added to the list then don't hesitate to ask about it from me directly.
  • Have You Ever Design Something for a Particular Occasion?
    Yes, I Have Here are some examples; Eid, Christmas, Dilwali, Halloween, Birthdays, Weddings, Valentine's Day, New Year's, Anniversaries, and many more.
  • What Other Things Have You Designed For?
    Laptop Sleeves, Phone Covers, Book Covers, Birthday Cards, Body(tattoo) Art, Colouring Pages, T-Shirts, Logos, Tarot Cards, Mason Jars, Candles, Plates, Pillows, Scarves, Cake Icing, and many more.
  • Why Won't You Do More Revisions For Me Even After You've Met the (3 days, 2 Days, or 1 Day) Deadline?
    It's simply time consuming. I will gladly do any many revisions as you need throughout the course or duration of the order, but once I have delivered on time; the deadline has completed right down to the second, our order is complete. You would need to purchase another day ($5) for more revisions.
  • I Want To Own The Rights Of The Drawings You've Done For Me/Will Do For Me, Can I Do That?
    Yes, you most certainly can. :) Each image is for $5 extra for commercial use (copyrights/ownership/license) but if you have more than one drawing you want me to do and want their full rights to use them however and you're not sure, message me and we can negotiate that'll benefit both of us.