About This Gig

Please read before ordering! ****************************************************************** Having a tough time coming up with the right gift to send out to your pals and loved ones? Got all the right words you want to say, but not sure how to put the emotion behind it?...PRESTO SONG-O! Let me bring your words to life like music magic! ***************************************************************I am an "official" IT (Internet Telegrammer)! I'll make up a personalized telegram song for $5. Just give me the words, names and "special message" to use in the song and i will do the rest! I'll adapt your words to my acoustic guitar and vocals--And I'll do it with a smile on my face and fun in my heart! *****Still Looking for ideas on what to say ? I'll sing someone "Happy Birthday" in a FunWay! I'll help you serenade (or dump) your loved one! I'll sing a Joyful song for Father's Day. I'll put a sweet song together about your child's favorite toy-or your anniversary! Whatever words you wanna say, i can sing and play! 

$5-I do a funny song video telly-gram!
Extras: $15-I add captions to the video!
$25- I can promise delivery within 5-7 days!