I will professionally mix and master your audio

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professionally mix and master your audio
professionally mix and master your audio
professionally mix and master your audio
professionally mix and master your audio
Awesome! Thanks a ton. Sounds great!
Reviewed by urbanspan 2 days ago
Excelent Work, i love that the language is not a problem for you
Reviewed by jmgonzalezr 2 days ago
Got Exactly what I ordered ... Can't lose with the price & Quality ... I've Already Referred two of my Business partners to this company for their up coming projects ...
Reviewed by thonio 3 days ago
Another quality master! Beautiful. Thank you
Reviewed by worldofcaellus 4 days ago
Do you want your music to sound professional? Thats the only real question you need to ask, and once you say yes you need to get to work with tenthtiermedia. This is the second song that I've had produced with him and it's always a great experience, makes my voice sound better than i could naturally and its something listeners enjoy. Great work!
Reviewed by mlmmastery 5 days ago
Brilliant, thanks!
Reviewed by n11cks 4 days ago
Sound quality is amazing, will be back for more. thanks
Reviewed by snowgoonsky 7 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by gregkroes 7 days ago
Great job, thanks!!
Reviewed by goldenbull722 4 days ago
Fantastic experience with Tenth Tier Media, they were very responsive to revision requests and would send the revision quickly after requesting it. I definitely highly recommend their services to other people looking for mixing/mastering. They provide you a professional finished product that you won't be disappointed with!
Reviewed by kingcotz 8 days ago
Exactly what I wanted, thanks
Reviewed by punchy98 8 days ago
Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a professional mixing and mastering experience. I love the way my song came out!
Reviewed by jhamp2003 9 days ago
great experience, very on time. Very satisfied with the finished product. Thank You!
Reviewed by mxdhouse 12 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by thebrandalist 10 days ago
Reviewed by ooblotto 14 days ago
I use tenthtiermedia every time I need audio mixed. I record music and podcasts just as a hobby, but my projects end up sounding professional, nuanced, and much better than I could anticipate - thanks to tenthtiermedia. They consistently exceed my expectations. And they are great - very responsive, easy to communicate with. Highly recommend them!
Reviewed by wademurphy 14 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by waleedwain 15 days ago
great work. sounds good.
Reviewed by bad_knews 15 days ago
TenthTierMedia is definitely a top quality seller or service provider. Great communcation, amazing audio mixing and mastering skills, and the willingness to keep working until the customer get what they want! Thank you so much, Joshua. I am looking forward to working with you again!! Thank you so much!
Reviewed by rolandkemokai 11 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jmgonzalezr 19 days ago
professionally mix and master your audio
professionally mix and master your audio
professionally mix and master your audio
professionally mix and master your audio
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About This Gig


I will mix and master your music/song, podcast, voiceover, or anything audio related using the following mixing techniques: 

- EQ

- Compression

- Noise Reduction

- Color EQ

- Stereo Imaging

- Limiter/Maximizer

I accept stems in the following audio formats:

- .WAV


- .MP3

Audio Software(s) that I use:

- Cockus Reaper 5

- Adobe Audition CC

At a rate of $5 for every 5 stems of audio, you're getting a great deal for professional mixing and mastering. (Ex. 6 stems would be $10, 13 stems would be $15, etc.)

DISCLAIMER: A 8 day turnaround is for small scale projects of 10 stems of audio or less. For larger projects, please contact me first! If your vocals, or project are below par in terms of recording quality, there is no miracle fix. Therefore, expect a detailed explanation on what can be done, and what cannot be salvaged in a low-quality recording.

Allow -6DB OF HEADROOM IF I'M ONLY MASTERING the project. High quality .MP3 or .WAV file as the final render.