I will help you find your perfect job

help you find your perfect job

About This Gig

Lost Your Job? Now What! (The e-book)

Ever wonder what you came here to do? What your purpose in this lifetime is? Terry Kohl is a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr and has been helping people through her other gigs for over 6 years. In her 117-page e-book, Terry Kohl takes what most people see as a negative situation and shows them how changing jobs can quickly accelerate their lives into joy and passion for what they do.

The book includes a 12 Days of Power program that consists of:

• life-empowering tools providing straightforward help to people who are out of work or tired of spending every day in work that leaves them dissatisfied.

•  encouragement to co-create the job circumstances you have always wanted to have instead of putting in time doing work you find unsatisfactory.

• Recipes called Zen in the kitchen! Zen is a form of Buddhism that places great importance on the joy of moment-by-moment awareness. Take cooking, for example. In just an hour or less of preparation you have the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor, and then you get to eat them. Since eating is something we do, job or not, Kohl has made meal preparation part of the 12 day program.