I will do Revit Modeling and Virtual construction

Another job well done!!! thanks!! -adam
Reviewed by adamsandltdyeg almost 2 years ago
This was a more complicated request than he is used to. Essentially reverse engineering his usual gig from a pdf file... to try to estimate measurements. 100% class act, very professional seller! If you were ordering his gig as its advertised -- I am sure it would be perfect! You can't go wrong!
Reviewed by adamsandltdyeg almost 2 years ago
Ricardo always delivers!
Reviewed by wesselmuller almost 2 years ago
It was great to work with Ricardo. We requested to the project to be completed quickly, and he was able to deliver the project on time, and above and beyond what has been promised. Highly recommended! Will work with him again! Thanks.
Reviewed by dannaw almost 2 years ago
Ricardo's service is amazing and hes results are great!
Reviewed by wesselmuller about 2 years ago
do Revit Modeling and Virtual construction
do Revit Modeling and Virtual construction

About This Gig

Tesla Building Design is a Virtual construction and BIM design firm specialized in small to medium residential and commercial projects, with extremely attractive prices. our headquarters are located in Santiago, Chile and we have a highly trained team with superior studies in Engineering and BIM technologies.

Our team has professional certifications in Revit Architecture 2014 and 2015, as well as building performance analysis certifications from Autodesk, besides M.S in Construction and Structural Design.
We  work with different versions of Revit, from 2012 to 2015 adapting our work to the client needs.

-BIM modeling & Virtual Construction:
     +Content Development (Family creation)

-BIM Coordination
     +Clash Detection
     +Virtual Walk throws

-Structural Analysis (using Robot)
     +Structural Desing and Code Checking

-BIM manager & BIM Lead support Services
     +BIM Process Mapping
     +Quality Control Checks in models
     +Software related problems and consulting (Revit)
     +BIM Strategic Analysis in Companies