I will send a postcard from Amsterdam to Anywhere for $5

/ 14 Days On Average
send a postcard from Amsterdam to Anywhere
send a postcard from Amsterdam to Anywhere

About This Gig

It happens to a lot of people..
You're having so much fun abroad, you forget to send your friends and family a postcard!
Now you can send them your love after you've already left the country :)

Order my gig and I will handwrite a postcard and mail it from Amsterdam to anyone, anywhere in the world for you!
Just let me know what kind of postcard you're looking for and what you want the message to be. I'll buy it, write it and send it the same day :)

Keep in mind it could take up to 2 weeks for a postcard to be delivered in far away places.

This gig is for standard EUR 1,- Amsterdam postcards only, with a European or World stamp.

Looking to send a special card? Please contact me first. More expensive cards will cost an extra gig :)

I can also send you, or your friends or loved ones, gifts from Amsterdam! Tulip bulbs, refrigerator magnets, wooden shoes, ashtrays.. You name it! Contact me first so I can find out what the prices are!