I will create a killer sales copy for your product

create a killer sales copy for your product
create a killer sales copy for your product

About This Gig

I guess I should probably take the time to ask you why you just didn't go for one of the more "highly recommended" seasoned sales copywriting veterans out there; however Fiverr only gives me 1200 characters to sell my service.

Sigh...they are worse than Twitter! Just kidding :-)

Now on a serious note folks, the difference between my sales copy and that of other writers is I'm more than just a writer...I can actually sell...I mean people buy from me "a lot" when I start to talk, and for one simple reason..."I know how to get people thinking about the things I want them to think about".

My Fiverr record is short (I do have an overall 5 star rating btw :-); however in everything I do here on Fiverr I always somehow manage to exceed the expectations of my customers, and in some way or the other "blow them away".

Some of you may think you just need a sales copy, but what you may really need is a new approach to the way you position your product. Without the right positioning copy is nothing but lofty words which fall on deaf ears and empty pockets.

For a limited time the gig you are about to purchase starts at $5 for 50 words of soothing sensual persuasion.

Now check out the extras ;-)


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I will craft 50 words of mesmerizing sales copy for your product.