I will review your idea or synopsis and tell you if it will sell

review your idea or synopsis and tell you if it will sell

About This Gig

You send me your idea, I will review it and tell you if I believe the idea will work as a screenplay and how best to approach getting the funding for your project.   

As a producer I have won Sundance.  As a director I have competed in Cannes.  I have worked throughout the US, Europe and India.  My films have been shown around the world in all major festivals and through theatrical and television and video release.  

I am a working filmmaker presently in development on a project I have written that I will direct.  I have over twenty years experience giving me a pretty good idea about what stories or ideas work or don't or how to tweak an idea so that it does work. 

I am doing this for two reasons.  First I hate to see someone who thinks they have a great idea run with it only to find, after a lot of writing, the idea needs refining or doesn't work at all - and why.

Second reason: it's a way for me to reach out to new talent.  You never know, if the idea is good enough, my company might take it on.   I can provide my credits if you request.   Ask and I'll send a Vimeo link to one of my films or my bio



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1 day delivery

Review your idea, story or logline

You send me your idea or synopsis (2000 wds max). I tell you if I believe it will work & sell.

  • Up to 1000 Words
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