I will ghost write or rewrite any song for you

Good Experience!
Reviewed by clayberg 7 months ago
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Good Experience!
Reviewed by lyngemand about 1 year ago
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Got what I wanted. This works well. The revision was much better.
Reviewed by jeansmovie about 1 year ago
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ghost write or rewrite any song for you

About This Gig

Are you an Artist or Producer but really busy with shows or other projects and you want help with a song you are writing whether it be a catchy verse or chorus well get hooked to my awesome ghost writing skills!!

I will be your ghost writer for any style music
song writing is an art and I freestyle write as well

Send me your idea or lyrics and I will create a full alignment including melody. 

Or you can send me an instrumental you like or artist inspired instrumental and I will write the full song around this using your idea. I can write catchy hooks. verses, raps, pre-choruses to ANY type genre music. All I need is your topic. Your best ghost writer ever!!

NB: I Have Many Great Jamaican Music Friends I Worked With So Hire A Pro Now And Remember To Message Me First