I will automate any manual process

automate any manual process

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What can be automated? Anything you can describe, like

a. Open Excel and check in Column G if the value of 1000 exists and if exists then deletes it.
b. Search in 100 text files for lines contain a specific pattern and export the lines in a new file.
c. Rename all files that contain a specific pattern, removing a part of their name.
d. Search and replace specific text in many files at once. 

Please contact me in case of any questions or concerns.

Where the automation can be created and how they can be executed?

Automation can be in Microsoft Excel as a Macro, external scripts or an external console application and can be executed by the user or by a scheduled task on specific time.

Which scripting or programming languages can be used?

There are many of different languages, but i am mostly working with:

a. C# - console applications (executable applications that can be called by a script or by the user)
b. Batch scripts (DOS) – Scripts executed by double click or from a scheduled task
c. VBA – Microsoft Excel programming language. Macros can be executed with buttons in the excel file
d. PowerShell – GUI or command line scripts or applications

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Automate a manual process

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