I will send 500 real targeted visitors to your site

send 500 real targeted visitors to your site

About This Gig

Thankville.com is like the Kickstarter of Crowd Giveaways. We take everything users post and turn it into instant, free, click-to-enter giveaways. 

We're a loyalty platform & our users must be logged in to use the site, so you know all our traffic (ie. your visitors) is 100% real. In addition, we pay users 25% of the retail value of the items they post (if they are not the eventual winner), plus we give users everything their referrals win. 

Thankville also boasts a state of the art advertising & reporting system that is 70+ times more affordable than the industry average online CPC.

How We Send You Visitors
We give you a cut&paste widget to place on your site:
Free Entry Giveaway or Thankville Tickets (allows multiple entries).

Our philosophy is "Prizes = Happy Users. Happy Users = Happy Websites."

Order Details

1 day delivery