I will send you 100 real members or subscribers

send you 100 real members or subscribers

About This Gig

Thankville.com is like the Kickstarter of Crowd Giveaways. We take everything users post and turn it into instant, free, click-to-enter giveaways. 

In addition, we allow give users the chance to submit multiple entries into Giveaways by using Thankville Tickets (sort of like a rewards point).

We will basically give you a batch of 100 Digital Codes (ie. 5 E-Gift Tickets each) & then tell our users to visit you & sign up for free Thankville Tickets.

In addition, you can use E-Gift Ticket codes to encourage users to do other actions too, like commenting, liking your page on Facebook, following you on Twitter or Instagram, etc.

If you don't want to distribute the codes yourself, we can set you up a simple Redeem URL Link that you can put into a confirmation email or page - that allows new members or subscribers to redeem tickets.

Order Details

1 day delivery