I will enable SSL for your domain on cPanel or vps with letsencrypt

enable SSL for your domain on cPanel or vps with letsencrypt
enable SSL for your domain on cPanel or vps with letsencrypt

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Description SSL on cPanel 1 SSL on cPanel 2 SSL on Non-cPanel hosting
  Configure your cPanel account for SSL and install a SSL certificate you provide Configure your cPanel account for SSL and install a SSL certificate. Certificate included Configure your non-cPanel hosting account or VPS and install SSL certificate. Certificate included
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About This Gig

Build Visitor Trust by Enabling SSL (https) on your website. Get an expert System Administrator do the job.

Why SSL?

  • Security
  • Trust
  • Search ranking boost

Now that you know the importance of SSL, let's talk about what I offer,

  • Basic Package - This is the package for you if you have cPanel on your server and also have a SSL certificate with you. I'll install certificate you provide on your cPanel server.
  • Standard Package - This package comes with a SSL certificate. If you have cPanel hosting, you can order this package and I'll install an SSL certificate for your domain.
  • Premium Package - This package is for people who don't have cPanel or any other control panel. I'll use command line to install an SSL certificate. Certificate is also included with this package. If you're on AWS or similar service, you can use this package.

Please note that you won't see a green padlock icon on your site if there are mixed content (99% chance there will be). Please add 'Fix Mixed Content' extra to your order so I can fix it for you

I'll use letsencrypt (
Let’s Encrypt) where available. Or use StartSSL certificate where letsencrypt automation is not available.

Feel free to contact me and read FAQs before ordering

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why no green padlock sign is showing in browser?
    When you are using SSL, all the resources like images, fonts, js etc needs to be loaded over https. There is a high chance of hundreds of links in source code, that are using HTTP. It's very difficult for me to change all of them, That's why I'm offering an extra for that (Mixed Content)
  • Is it possible to install Let's Encrypt in a shared hosting/cPanel environment?
    Not all shared hosting/cPanel providers support letsencrypt. Not all the features will work with shared hosting. If you are on a shared hosting plan please contact me before ordering the gig.
  • When will provided SSL certificates expire?
    If you're on a VPS, it'll never expire. I'll setup auto renew with letsencrypt. But for some cPanel hosts that doesn't support letsencrypt, the certificate will expire in a year.
  • I am not getting A ranking in SSL Test (cPanel)
    In cPanel/shared hosting environment I cannot change any of the webserver configuration options. So whatever your hosting provider has given default, you will get only that. Otherwise you will have to contact your provider
  • Why StartSSL certificates when letsencrypt automatic generation not available?
    letsencrypt only issue certificates for 3 months. Because of this, I'll use StartSSL when letsencrypt automatic certificate generation not available. StartSSL certificates are valid for 2 years.
  • I'm on shared hosting, can I get auto renew SSL certificate from letsencrypt?
    There is a 90% chance you can't. Only few shared hosting providers support letsencrypt.